Coking Valves

Avoid unscheduled downtime and lost production
The ValvTechnologies’ isolation valve for coking services provides process improvements and reliability through turn-arounds. The simple, yet wear and erosion- resistant, design ensures reduced maintenance time and costs for customers in these severe service applications.
Size : 1 - 36”
ANSI/ASME Class 300 - 1500


• Integral seat. Benefit: Most effective technology for thermal cycling and solids containing processes. This design extends drum switching isolation for scheduled production operations and goals.
• Inconel forged Belleville spring. Benefit: Delivers process isolation due to consistent ball and seat loading, especially for solids conditions. Eliminates costly bellow type designs, reducing cost of repair due to protection of ball and seat contact points, helping manage turnaround costs.
• HVOF RiTech® hard coatings. Benefit: State-of-the-art computerized applied hard coatings on ball and seat extending isolation capabilities for expected operational performance goals and repair cost reductions
• Continuous purge design. Benefit: This design ensures consistent torques for drum operations to meet production run times. Provides consistent valve operation due to effective flushing of hot resid and fines collection.
• Reduced steam consumption. Benefit: Reduces total cost of ownership versus other ball valve designs in reducing yearly steam costs
• Bi-directional sealing option. Benefit: Provides isolation of process in both flow directions due to fluctuating pressures
• Spring loaded low emission packing design. Benefit: Keeps hydrocarbon in containment and meets 100 PPM requirements
• ValvTechnologies’ repair services. Benefit: Capabilities to service/repair ValvTechnologies’ coker valves on-site or at our manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas