The GeminiTM twin chamber design is unique to the magnetic level gauge industry. Over 18 configuration styles are available with Gemini, and though not available in plastics, it may be produced in the same metal material selections as AtlasTM. GEMINI's second chamber facilitates the installation of the Eclipse Guided Wave Radar transmitter, thus providing a totally redundant measurement system. With standard magnetic indicators with side clamp-on transmitters, the float represents a single point of indication. If the float should become damaged due to violent process conditions, the signal from the analog transmitter is lost. With GEMINI's dual chamber design, ECLIPSE will continue to measure the liquid level accurately, repeatedly and reliably, as it is not dependent on interaction with the float.
Gemini's magnetic indicator chamber can be equipped with switches, transmitters, blankets or heat tracing, while the secondary chamber houses the electronic measurement instrument.

Operating Principle
Change in the process tank level corresponds to change in the Gemini chamber. The float within the chamber actuates flags or a shuttle for visual indication. The instrument mounted within the second chamber also reacts according to the level change.

Feedwater heaters
Industrial Boilers
Oil water separators
Flash drums
Surge tanks
Gas chillers

Unique dual chamber design
Broad range of chamber styles
Fabricated non-magnetic chamber
ANSI and DIN flanges
Precision manufactured float
Flag or shuttle type indicator

Level switches
Level transmitters
Stainless steel scale
Custom scales