The AtlasTM is ORION's standard, high performance magnetic level indicator. The ATLAS is a single-chamber design, with either 2", 2.5", or 3" chamber diameter, as required by the application. There are twelve basic configuration styles, including top mount models. ATLAS magnetic level indicators are produced in a wide range of materials of construction, including plastics. ORION also offers one of the most complete selections of process connection types and sizes for level measurement. The ATLAS unit may be equipped with a variety of level transmitters and switches, as well as flag and shuttle indicators with or without stainless steel scales. This enables the ATLAS magnetic level indicator to be a complete level and monitoring control.

Operating Principle
A change of level in the process tank corresponds to a similar change within the ATLAS chamber. In response to the level movement, the ATLAS float moves accordingly, actuating the flags or shuttle for visual indication.

Feedwater heaters
Industrial boilers
Oil water separators
Flash drums
Surge tanks
Gas chillers

Broad range of chamber styles
Fabricated non-magnetic chambers
ANSI and DIN flanges
Precision manufactured float
Flag or shuttle type indicator

Level switches
Level transmitters
Stainless steel scale standard
Custom scales

XP=Explosion Proof
IS=Intrinsically Safe
ELV=EMC/Low Voltage