The Aurora® combines the operating system of a conventional float-based magnetic level indicator (MLI) with the leading-edge Eclipse® guided wave radar transmitter developed for level measurement applications. The result is true level-measurement redundancy in a single-chamber design.
Using a 3" or 4" chamber to house both the ECLIPSE coaxial style probe and the MLI float, these devices operate seamlessly to provide continuous electronic guided wave radar measurement and visual indication. There are six basic configuration styles and more than 15 material selections for the AURORA magnetic level indicator.
For the first time ever, the ability to accurately and repeatedly measure ultra low dielectric media, high temperature/high pressure process conditions, and media with shifting and changing dielectric values can be accomplished with AURORA.

Operating Principle
Change in the process tank level corresponds to change within the AURORA chamber. The float within the chamber actuates flags or a shuttle for visual indication while the ECLIPSE GWR transmitter provides continuous electronic level measurement.

Feedwater heaters
Industrial boilers
Oil water separators
Flash drums
Surge tanks
Gas chillers

ECLIPSE GWR transmitter
Broad range of chamber styles
Fabricated non-magnetic chamber
ANSI and DIN flanges
Precision manufactured float
Flag or shuttle type indicator

Level switches
Level transmitters
Stainless steel scale
Custom scales

XP=Explosion Proof
IS=Intrinsically Safe
ELV=EMC/Low Voltage